Sunday, 30 January 2011

chinese festivities

When I was working for Shangri-La Hotel & Residences, Jakarta, we used to have this big celebration every Chinese New Year's Eve and Day. Lion dances and dragon dances would dance and bless all parts of the hotel and apartment, including our offices.

I always thought Chinese New Year back in the property was a delightful and superexciting celebration. And then I went to San Francisco.

So there I was, coming home from my Dance Conditioning class at FCBD and weekly grocery shopping at WholeFoods; I had my gym bag, yoga mat, two HEAVY shopping bags, and one overcoat slung over my arm (it was raining and extremely cold in the morning). I was tired (the Dance Conditioning class was exhausting, but so fabulous), but when I saw the street filled with stalls and people everywhere (they even installed a tall slider and ferris wheel!), I had a big smile on my face.

I missed the Dragon and Lion dances, but I'm entertained by the Chinese songs sung live from the open stage. I don't know any of the songs or understand the language, but it was so fun.

You've seen the view from my room: I can't really see anything from up hear, but I can hear the songs and now they're singing English / American songs with upbeat tempo.

I love street fairs. They're just so exhilirating and most probably filled with pickpockets. It's also a good chance to meet people. I may not be Chinese (or Vietnamese - for some reasons there are also Vietnamese stalls here), but I'm Asian. And that's enough to make me homesick.

Oh my God, they're singing Bob Marley's "Everything's Gonna Be Alright". I feel like crying.

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