Friday, 14 January 2011

what does friday mean to you?

It is already Saturday morning in Indonesia as of the time of this writing. And that means: weekend.

On a normal Saturday, I'd usually wake up at 9.30 AM, wash my face and drive to teach an Oriental dance class at Dancewave Center. If there's no class to teach, then I'll wake up at around 12 for the Intermediate class at 12.30.
Now that I'm in a foreign land, I am thinking about several possibilities. No, wait, let me talk about Friday first.

Friday is going to be a laid-back day. There's going to be only one class: Writing for GRE Essays and I think I'm really going to enjoy it. The second class is like 3 hours away, and that's TOEFL. I don't normally enjoy TOEFL because it is somewhat tedious and challenging (it's completely different than GRE or GMAT English, the three of them have different levels of difficulty, but all of them are hard).

After today's class, since it's really sunny, I am going shopping to CALA Foods and to Walgreens to get my Clipper's Card (because I've totally run out of 1 dollar bills). It's right there on the corner of Bush and Larkin.


Okay, so I just got back from watching The Black Swan over at AMC Van Ness. It was so intense. The last time I got this intense from watching a movie was way back after Matrix: Reloaded. And for the record, I hate Matrix series. So there.

I'll have to write something about the movie over at my original blog.

Now, you all know how much I get lost and stuff, right? I've blogged about it so many times. Well, there's a place called "Walgreens". It's a medium-sized store that sells basic things like tissue, food, etc, and not-so-basic things like cosmetics.

A few days ago, I located the nearest Walgreens in a map. From looking at the map, I concluded that it should've been a two to five minute walk. Well, I walked round and round with my grocery bag and I couldn't find it even after 30 minutes. So I got back to the hostel.

Today, I got home at 5 and told myself that I should do grocery shopping and buy a Clipper Card to commute. When I boarded the bus, it was already getting dark and so I was going to cancel the whole grocery shopping thing until... when I got off the bus... I turned around and saw... WALGREENS!!

So I did my shopping (couldn't find pasta for dinner, though) and got my Clipper Card. Of course I used my Bank of America debit card for the first time and... Well, here, we have to swipe our own card... And needless to say, I made a complete ass of myself.

But, I got my Clipper Card and I plan on using it almost everyday! I have to spend at least USD 70 until January 31st and then I'll have to add value into it to use it again in February and so on and so forth.

Ohhh... I post a picture of a plate of fried rice. I was walking down the Colombus Street today, looking for lunch. I remembered that when I was out walking to Bank of America, I saw a restaurant with mean pizzas! But I couldn't find it and instead, I found a Thai restaurant called Tuk Tuk Thai. Funny, right? In Indonesia, "tuk tuk" is what we call "bajaj", a noisy, wobbly three-wheeler that people take to go to places in short distances.

But the price was right (It was USD 8.5 including tax and tip) and the portion was so big but I gulped it all down. Yay!

And today's Friday, that means it's weekend. The guys over at the hostel are going out for a night in the town. Well, I no longer club. It's bad for the bones. And I don't bring fancy shirts. I'm just going to sleep so tomorrow I can go take my Clipper Card for a ride to the... ODC Common dance studio!

One more thing before I go... I was heading back to school and just walking and walking and minding my own business (and obviously looking at the gates and front doors of buildings I passed because...) suddenly I saw a sign with a very familiar language.

And so, I discovered the Indonesian consulate in San Francisco. Well, that'd come in handy.

I'm starving! I gotta get something to eat.


  1. I know this might be a stupid suggestion, but have you located the chinatown? Normally Chinatown has everything from asian regions, includes Indonesian and usually much cheaper! HEHEHE. I was lucky to live near Chinatown in Philly. HEHEHE.

    PS: They usually have Indomie. AHAHAHA. :D

  2. Chinatown is a bit of a walk from the hostel and I am practically living in a Chinatown (there're at least 30 different Chinese and Vietnamese and Thai restaurants within walking distance, not to mention grocery markets).

    But I already got two people telling me to do grocery shopping in Chinatown to save money. I think I'll check it out next week!