Thursday, 6 January 2011

hello there

I should've written this yesterday but I was just too tired and decided to have a little messenger session with my boyfriend and some friends.

After long hours of bumpy airplane ride (I hate flying but it was not that bad), I finally arrived at the hostel. HI-SF City Center (HI-SF stands for Hostelling International - San Francisco). It's located at the downtown, with Chinese, Viatnamese, Thai restaurants and food shops. Although, no convenient 24 hour shops like the Kwik-E Mart.

I specifically ordered for a single room, and imagine my surprise when I opened my room door to find that the room was... A MESS!! It was even messier than my room back in Jakarta (if that's possible). And after a double check, the front-desk guy said it was going to be temporary.

My (temporary) room-mate turns out to be very nice. He's a 21 year old Japanese who takes a break from university to study English. I told him directly that I'm gay and I snore. And he didn't mind (he's straight). It's currently like hell downstairs, what with so many students checking-in and the front-desk people are working like crazy, so I decide to just tell the hostel peeps that I'm okay with my room although I'd appreciate it if they could give me the new room soon (it's being repainted and will be ready on the 15th of January).

So yeah. This is my second day (or evening, since I arrived here last night), and I promise to blog every single darn day. If possible. If only a drop of note or something. Or some plurk-like or something.

Today, after an intense jet-lag induced sleep, I finally managed to haul myself up, take a shower, and walk to the "nearest" grocery store. Of course, it doesn't matter where I am, I'll still get lost. It was a STRAIGHT WALK to the store and I still got lost on my way back to the hostel. Lost. With at least 6 kg of stuff on my left shoulder.

And finally, after at least 45 minutes of walking home (it only took me ten to go there) I saw the beacon of hope: the HI-SF City Center building. And on my way there, I noticed Subway Sandwiches. So I stopped by to get a to-go Veggie Delite meal. I chowed down a footlong. It was either I was hungry or the sandwich was extra good. Probably combination of both.

And after that... I went to hibernation. And yes, I blamed that on the jetlag. I was supposed to go to FCBD's studio today, but I got up at 20.30 something and hurried down to a Chinese/Viatnemese restaurant to order, what else, vegetarian fried rice.

I should be off to FCBD's studio tomorrow. I don't know if there'd be people there when I arrive, but at least I know the directions. Maybe I'll try going to school too.

Oh well. This is one day, or two days (?), down. I'll post something else tomorrow. I was thinking of taking a picture of my room, but since I'm now occupying a temporary room, I'll just take a picture of my "real" room.

I so miss my cats.

Here's a little footage of what it looked like outside when we were flying from Singapore to Hong Kong. It was pouring so hard. The pilot warned us that we would be flying around the heavy clouds (that were about two square miles) but it would cause much turbulence. It did.

It's not that late here. Barely eleven minutes after midnight. I'm watching Flapjack on Cartoon Network. That's one of the advantages. Back home, Cartoon Network (USA) doesn't allow me to watch their cartoons on the website. Now I can! Yaaay!!

Okay, then. I'll blog later.

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  1. Brondong Jepun? Hmmmm... bentuknya bagus, gak?

    Bungkus, kirim ke Jakarta dong.