Monday, 10 January 2011

i hate gmat

Seriously, I do.

I hate Math, I love English and learning languages, but GMAT (and possibly GRE) English is just like hell. I've been there before.

Today's first lesson was GMAT English. I did one reading passage with three questions for 16 minutes and I got every answer wrong.

There were five of us and one teacher, named Mr. Stephens, who insisted on calling me "Jerry" because he told me my name was too hard to pronounce. It didn't stay long, though. He managed to say my name.

Jerry's my cat. I miss him so much.

The others were surprised to know that my TOEFL iBT score was 117 (3 more points and I'd get perfect). But GMAT is a really different thing altogether. I've been there before.

Mr. Stephens said something that made me understand completely why GMAT is so much harder than TOEFL. TOEFL is for people who uses English as foreign language (hence the name of test). GMAT is for native speakers. SO THERE!

I mean... Imagine us, non-native speakers, solving problems of English (AND MATH) in English for native speakers.

But, there's hope.

There's this one guy, and he's superduper smart. He doesn't speak very good English, but he got all the answers right. Granted, he said he was interested in the topic of the passage and I think my brain got frozen on the way there (it was close to 1 degree Celcius the whole day). But he gives me hope.

Although I can be stupid.

I miss home. There're just so many questions that I didn't get to ask today. I have to come early tomorrow to ask Ms. Astarte about bank, phone (probably use MetroPCS) and whether or not I should take GMAT (I won't be doing MBA anyway) or just GRE.

It's been four days. Where's my independence and confidence?

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