Friday, 7 January 2011

some brown rice for dinner

OMG, damn this jetlag!!

No, wait... I have always been nocturnal.

So, yeah. after the long walk to school and back, I ate a very late lunch (of a really nice Mac & Cheese... But it was probably nice because it was hot and I was starving). And then I went to... bed. At 5 PM.

I set an alarm to wake me up 2 hours later, but... I overslept. And woke up at 10 PM!!

So I hoisted my lazy ass off of bed, went downstairs (kitchen's finally open again), washed the dishes (seriously, I used to love washing dishes. I think the feeling's back now), and put my brown rice inside the microwave.

Let's just hope I can wake up in the morning to go to the information session over at SFU. And then I'll drop by at FCBD studio and ODC.

I need to find a bank and a cell-phone provider. And I think I'll blog about the visa application thing tomorrow. Or tonight. Whenever.

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