Friday, 7 January 2011

of dirt and distance

Whoa, okay. I know Jakarta is not clean because it's a city in a third-world country. Somehow, that fact makes people forgive the lack of cleanliness and attitude towards cleanliness in Jakarta.

But San Francisco. I saw peeled orange skins, papers, cheetoz bag lying on the sidewalk. And I saw my first beggar. I was walking to EF at the end of Hyde Street. I didn't mind the distance. It was the hiking and the weather. I swear, I was so scared I'd die out of hypothermia and cardiac arrest.

When I began my trail, I saw the beggar. She was sleeping, covered in layers of blankets although I believed those layers weren't enough to keep anyone, including well-fed people, out of the cold. And about 50 minutes later (yep, it was that far), on my way back to the hostel, she was still there. Her position was almost unchanged. I wondered if anyone ever bothered to check if she was dead.

Although I knew nobody cared.

So yeah. Today's adventure is quite well. I'll be having brown rice I bought at CALA Foods Nob Hill. I'm having Softies donuts to stuff my face with. I just found some more grocery stores that have even better rating than CALA and they're also within walking distance. There's City Supermarket on Geary St. and Tsunami on Turk. So I'm going to try them. Tomorrow... Or Sunday.

Should I or should I not go to University of San Francisco today? I'm so damn tired.

And is the kitchen opened yet?

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