Saturday, 8 January 2011

on my way up there

It wasn't as far climb as yesterday's hike to EF school, but I felt that it was going to be one long road up ahead.

I went to University of San Francisco today and had a chat with one of the lecturers. I was late, of course. But this was not because I was late (as in woke up late, ate late). But I had miscalculated the distance between HI-SF and USFCA. I walked for 50 minutes and ten more minutes to find the hall where the session took place.

There were six people already and I was the seventh. The lecturer told us about the campus life, the tuition, how to write the statement of purpose, the essay. Some of the highlights were that the people over at admission do not want us to try damn hard to impress them by writing stuff like, "I've been writing from the age of three," instead they want us to write them like a friend would to one another. About the goals, the long process of getting into, what we'd like to achieve... Well...

Each year, USFCA admits 10% of the applicants. That means 30 - 40 people. I asked how many of them were Asians, he said this year, there are 3 non-US residents or international students. I almost died.

He also said that the TOEFL is not that needed by the faculty, but by the university. Obviously he'll know how good the English is through the sample of manuscript and statement of purpose.

I was rather late that I didn't even stop to take a photo of the facade. And when the session was done, I felt so cold that I decided to hurry back to the hostel to eat something. And on my way back, I saw one of Harvey Milk's centers. I also saw this a few days ago when I was carrying ten kg of grocery on my back (NOT) so I didn't stop to take a picture.

Well, I'm trying to finish my sandwich as I'm writing this. And then off to FCBD and ODC studios. Toodles!

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