Friday, 7 January 2011

breakfast on a friday

So after a bout with brisk insomnia due to the fact that I'd slept all day, I decided to let my room-mate sleep while I went downstairs for breakfast.

I didn't find anything nice to eat, so thank goodness I bought strawberry cereals and soy milk. Had that for breakfast. Tasted like strawberry ice cream (heaven).

Last night, when I was going to ask the front-desk officer about the status of my room (need to follow-up on that) I made hot tea and found San Francisco's Guardian lying around. I opened it and was delightedly surprised to see an advertisement of University of San Francisco's MFA in Creative Writing. They're having an information session tomorrow (Saturday, January 8) in their campus. So I'm planning to visit the campus today to make sure I have the right way to walk.

And I'm just going to take the time right now to say that GoogleMap rocks!

I think today will be a day filled with walks. First the USF, EF San Francisco, and finally FCBD studio. Or maybe I can postpone the FCBD studio tomorrow, right after the information session at USF.

This truck passed by my window when I was eating breakfast. We're on the junction of Ellis and Larkin. For many people, it's easier to mark the destination in San Francisco by the junction of the two roads, because all two roads will most likely cut into each other and the blocks are mostly squares.

As for me, since I have no sense of orientation whatsoever, I always think that I will get lost.

A Miller Beer truck. You don't see that in Jakarta.

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