Wednesday, 12 January 2011

streetsmarts and sandwich

Of course I got lost again yesterday!

I always had to get lost when I had tons of things on my back. When I come home, I'll be having some serious muscles.

Yesterday, I brought the wrong books with me, and since this week's the first week for me, they kept adding books and more books. I came home with this stack of books and I had to carry them because I didn't bring a bag. I got wiser the next day and life became so much easier.

I didn't get enough sleep because I had tons of homework and I felt like I needed to work on that application letter / statement of motivation to University of San Francisco. So I did and I submitted it to Ms. Astarte from EF to review it. I sent over the form from USF to my dad to fill in with the bank statement / reference and sponsor letter. I hope that'll get sorted out really quickly.

I woke up early because classes start at 8.30 AM Monday to Thursday and hopefully just one class on Friday that starts at 11 AM. But in overall, this day is so much better than yesterday! The sun was shining brightly that I felt warm at times. I can't wait to discard my overcoat. I opened my bank account in Bank of America (I had to go through some of their policies, but I think I got the gist of it. Although it's never a sure thing with bank and legal things). I ate a very nice vegetarian burger (the patty is made of portobello mushroom and I could really taste the mushroom) at BurgerMeister down in Colombus Street. And then I got home and didn't get lost!


One thing, though... I forgot to bring my GMAT book because I mistook my TOEFL book for my GMAT book. Gosh.

But Stephen Zannis (or "Mr. Stephen") is always cute and upbeat as ever (he looks like Sylvester Stallone... His face and features, not his body) and I think so far, I like the people at EF. Although I have to give kudos to Mr. Stephen and Ken for making TOEFL/English and Math classes less painful.

And I need to study more! There are just so many English words (words, words, words, wooooorrds!!) that I don't know.

Well, here's to Sylvia Plath and her Thesaurus.

Oh, and I've decided to cancel today's dance class at the ODC Studio because of the bad review I got from Yelp about the neighborhood. When I went there last Saturday, it did feel a bit ghetto-ish. And it was in the afternoon. I don't think I'd want to risk going there at night.

Let's just hope FCBD wants to take me on afternoons.


  1. gila ye, lo nulis "so many english words"... apalagi gue tuh kl terdampar di sana. LOL

  2. Bok, bukan soal terdampar di sini. Petunjuk jalanan sih ngga akan taro kata2 aneh (dan sulit). Ini gue pusing kalo di kelas karena guru gue terobsesi dengan kata2 (bagus sih). Setiap minggu disuruh nemuin sepuluh kata baru.