Friday, 7 January 2011

dance schools

I'm not going to lie. The most important reason why I chose to be in San Francisco is Tribal bellydance.

San Francisco is the birthplace and mecca of Tribal Style bellydance. When I sent an e-mail to FatChance BellyDance (FCBD - the first ever American Tribal Style troupe), I almost fainted when I got a reply from Carolena Nericcio (the founder of FCBD, therefore the big Momma of ATS). I inquired about their policy that restricts men from joining classes. But turns out, I can do privates with them. Although it does cost me a helluvalot. But then again, why not? I'm here anyway.

Let's just hope that I can melt their hearts and make me an exception.

And then there's Jamila Salimpour (Suhaila's Mom). If Ms. Nericcio is the big Momma, then Ms. Salimpour Sr. is the godmother. She's practically the living Tribal legend.

FCBD Studio is located on South Van Ness. I've drawn a map on how to get there. Getting there would mean me taking a BART. So that'll be the first time. I'll try it out tomorrow after getting to USF. Oh my God, with this cold weather, all I need is something to warm up my mood.

FCBDS's studio is ridiculously very near ODC Common Dance Studio (Shotwell Street). Jill Parker of Ultra Gypsy (she was also an FCBD troupe member) holds Tribal classes here. I think I'll pop up here tomorrow as well when I'm visiting FCBD's studio to inquire if they accept men. *sigh*

Oh, well. I gotta go do the dishes now. My battery's running low. It's getting dark outside and possibly very cold.

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