Saturday, 12 March 2011

people say the strangest things

During EF Graduation Day Ceremony for Late Winter 2011 Term:

A friend asked me to take a photo of her with one of her teachers. I don't know the teacher, though. So, click click, and this conversation happened:

Teacher (to my friend): So, are you leaving?
My friend: Yes. I'm going back to my country.
Teacher (to me): How about you?
Me: Oh, I'm staying until June.
Teacher (to my friend): I hope you wouldn't leave. (then looked at me and said to my friend:) I hope he'd leave, not you.

And I had that WTF moment. I mean... This guy is a new teacher and he didn't even know me. Am I that dislikeable?

In a Godiva Store in Westfield:

Supernice Salesgirl (to my friend): Here, why don't you try this? It's a new product! (handing a chocolate sample from her tray)
My friend: Oh my God, this is so good!
Supernice Salesgirl (to me): Here, you can try one too!
Me: Oh, no, thank you. I am prone to break-outs.
Supernice Salesgirl (to me): Oh, that's wonderful!


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