Saturday, 12 March 2011

broken things

In addition to being the week of the finals, which I think I've done pretty well, it's also the week of broken things.

To start with, I accidentally flicked open the W key on my notebook's keyboard. It began in the wee hours of Thursday morning while I was giving myself a crash course on GRE Math (test was on that day). I didn't know what happened, but I was in bed, working with my notebook placed on my lap and the big GRE book on top of the keyboard. I hastily get off the bed, I think to turn off my cellphone's alarm, and when I came back, the W key was already flicked open. I was already panicked because I hadn't studied well for the GRE Math test and then the incident happened. Turned out, there's no Acer service center in San Francisco, just generic computer services. So I took my tweezer and tried to get the pieces together with a tape. It's a bit awkward (and hard) now when I need to press the W key, but at least it's still working.

And then, I found a hole on the left knee part of my jeans. I've had these jeans for only a year, so I don't know what happened. Umm... okay. After reminiscing, I think I know. Back in Jakarta, I was on my way to a place and there was this kitten running in the street. The traffic lights turned red and it just stayed under a truck. So I got off from the car, crouched under the truck, took the kitten, and put it on the pavement. When I got back to my car, my left knee felt hurt. I guess it took a while for the jeans to get a hole. Oh, well. I'll get a patch.

After a hard day at school, I went back to the hostel and found my room opened. I almost screamed bloody murder. Apparently, a Mexican guy was fixing the plumbing system of the room above mine. I had to wait for two hours to get
back to my room that day. The Mexican guy came back again on the next day to fix the ceiling of my bathroom. He didn't really fix it well, though. I hope it's going to be temporary.

Well, it's spring break time. I really haven't planned anything... But I think I'll have to comb different parts of San Francisco every day. I have two weeks.

Then maybe, just maybe, I'll go to Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Then again, probably not.

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