Sunday, 16 October 2011

more stupid things

Look at what I did to my pan and umm... plastic strainer thingy! I got these two with the apartment and I had been loving them until one day, after cooking pasta, I put the plastic strainer on top of the pot and both of them on the still cooking stove.

It's one of those fireless cooking stoves. I mean, yes, it's safe and all, and there's a light that indicates if the stove is on or not (and I totally forgot to see that). I came back from my room ready to eat when I smelt something burning, and then I saw this:

The horrible thing is, I had to throw out not one BUT TWO utensils and then I had to BUY another strainer. There's still a pot, though. Smaller, but it'll do. For now.

Oh, and this is just a reminder: this entry is labeled "stupid people", and from time to time, it's not about other people, but about yours truly.


  1. hi, i think i saw your photo on your bf's blog (narcisbandit). was that you sitting next to him? cute ;-)

  2. You mean on his latest post? No. I don't think there's a photo of the two of us on his blog.

  3. Yes, I meant the last picture in his latest post.

  4. No, that's not me. He's too cute to be me.