Monday, 2 May 2011


This journal entry is taken from another assignment regarding feminism. I was to write about my opinion on the traditional role of mother and father.

The belief that men should work and generate money while women stay home and do domestic work is archaic. In this era when job is scarce, it is time for men to begin thinking of doing domestic work and raising children. Women should not be confined to domestic work only because they carry the baby in their womb for nine months and later breastfeed it. To put it bluntly, he also plays a part: it is his sperm. If one is to be fair, the act of leaving a female without an option to not do housework or at least share it with the male partner, is selfish and analogous to Pontius Pilate’s washing of his hands.

The last physical link of the mother and the baby will be severed once the baby no longer requires breastfeed. When this time comes, it is the duty of both the father and the mother to take care of the whole family. They can do this by sharing responsibilities: who will provide the bread, who will change the diapers, who will teach the children, who will drive to the little league game, who will patch the clothes, who will cook the dinner. No matter what the responsibilities are, couples must negotiate and be open to alternatives.

When the last physical link between mother and baby is disconnected, then the issue of who becomes the bread winner and who takes care of the house will no longer be relevant. If the woman has a career and has to stay late at the office while the husband has no job, then it is up to the husband to swallow the pride of a man (a really huge one at that) and do domestic work. With all this job market uncertainty, the men had better start chipping in and brush up on their skills of being good househusbands.

Picture is of Rosie the Riveter. Go here to find out more about this lady.

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