Friday, 15 July 2011

i take that back

Remember when I said I didn't want to have more tattoos?

Well, I take that back. Ha! Talk about mental instability.

Contrary to what people say (that the pain of getting inked is addictive), it is actually not the pain, but the art and the end result that have made me yearn for more permanent body adornment. Only this time, I'm thinking of getting something smaller and on a less painful place.

I'm thinking of getting a rose... I still have to do my Bast head and Bell Jar, though. The Bell Jar is small while Bast is rather big... I guess I have to prioritize.

That being said, it is already two weeks since I got inked and my tattoo is still healing. It's not scabbing but it's been flaky and really itchy.

I'm going to dance this Sunday and I'll be wearing my new, backless costumes to really show off my tattoo.

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