Friday, 10 June 2011

things i'll miss and won't miss

I'll miss:
  1. My friends and teachers at EF school.
  2. The MUNI (and the relatively convenient and fast rides).
  3. The ClipperCard (and its convenience).
  4. Windows and sunlight that goes through it and illuminates my room.
  5. The cool air that deletes the need to install air conditioner.
  6. Chinese Pancake with Rice that I purchase every weekend after dance conditioning class from a nearby Chinese restaurant.
  7. The relative absence of noise from the streets outside.
  8. People in the hostel and at the school that I can talk about.
  9. The big city air and feeling and walking down UN Square to the BART station through the stalls selling knick-knacks and foods I never bought.
  10. The proximity to FatChanceBellyDance studio.
  11. RAs at the hostel.
  12. Restaurants at the Fisherman's Wharf.

I won't miss:
  1. The abundance of poo (hopefully excreted by dogs) on the streets.
  2. Noisy bitches (boys and girls - mostly French speakers and Arabs) in the hostel and at school.
  3. Liplocking students - minors or otherwise.
  4. Said bitches who think they're cool either by talking so loud and socializing with many people or by being aloof and silent.
  5. Seeing dirty syringes and condoms on the pavement.
  6. The homeless people (although they are an interesting bunch of people).
  7. Unfriendly hostel staff.

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